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Buzzle Instructions

Please read this page in full before using Buzzle!

How Do I Use Buzzle?*

Step 1: Wet the tip of the Buzzle with sterile saline.
















Step 2: Tilt head towards direction of chosen ear. Gently insert the Buzzle into your outer ear and move slowly in large circles, twisting and rotating outwards as you go.

















Step 3: Remove Buzzle from ear. Repeat until minimal wax is sighted.








Step 4: Use the quill tip to clean the external ear for a thorough clean.
















Step 5: Clean wax off tip of Buzzle with saline and dry with a lint-free tissue. Repeat several times until minimal wax is sighted.



*Always read our Disclaimer prior to using Buzzle.





Please follow the precautions below when using Buzzle:


1. Always read our 'How Do I Use Buzzle?' guide before use. Never use force or push to the very end of your ear canal when using Buzzle. This could push your ear wax further into your ear, and/or damage your eardrum.


2. Please use Buzzle in a stationary, clean environment with good lighting.


3. If you have a pre-existing ear condition, please seek medical attention first. Consult your GP and/or Otolaryngologist to assess whether it is safe for you to use Buzzle or any similar products. Using Buzzle with a pre-existing ear condition without a doctor's assessment may exacerbate your current condition.


4. Please use Buzzle only for its intended purpose, i.e., to clean ear wax.


5. Buzzle is not designed for children and should never be used on a child.



TGA Disclaimer

Before attempting to use the Buzzle ear wax cleaner, it is important to understand that the TGA has not evaluated any of the claims associated with these products. The purpose of these cleaners is not to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any specific ear-related conditions but simply to provide an expedient way of removing excess ear wax. Those with pre-existing health issues or current symptoms related to their ears should consult a doctor before using this product. Buzzle is not intended to replace or supersede any of your doctor's advice or prescriptions.

Safety Warning

Buzzle is designed solely for personal care and hygiene. Buzzle is not a medical device, and is not suitable for diagnosing, curing, mitigating, treating, or preventing any disease or health condition. Those with pre-existing ear conditions and/or sensitive ears should not use Buzzle. Buzzle is designed for adults only, and not for use in children or animals. In the event that you experience any discomfort during usage, please immediately discontinue use and seek medical attention. 




If you have any queries regarding Buzzle and/or your purchase, please contact our support team by emailing

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